Photography: Snapshots from Greenwich Village 1986

In 1986 I traveled to New York with my father to check out NYU. I had been accepted there and at Berklee College of Music and set out for the East coast to spend a week in Manhattan and Boston in order to make a decision. In New York we rented an apartment in the Village (long before Air B&B was a thing). I did love the raw, Mean Streets-like feel to the city in the mid-80s. Some of that gritty texture was caught in these photos that my dad and I took.




Photography: Dolly, Lips So Fine

Took this photo on 9/30/16 while visiting an exhibit at the art museum on campus at the University of Colorado.┬áReminded me of MFA exhibits, also at CU but 25 years ago, by my friend’s John and Monica. Hope you like.

Dolly Lips So Fine. Photo by Matthew Hundley. 2016. Boulder, CO.
This doll head was part of an exhibition at the art museum at the University of Colorado in Boulder.