7-Song Music Album “Lady of Pavement” Released on Radio Ear Recordings

Recently I released a new album through Radio Ear Recordings called “Lady of Pavement” featuring 7 songs (1 cover; 6 originals).


The songs have a jazz underbelly, with unique voice and guitar stylings over the top.

I’d say the key vocal influencers were: Tom Waits, David Sylvian, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

You can download the tracks from iTunes, Amazon, Noisetrade and other music sites.

It’s also available on Spotify and Apple Music. More about the release here:

Found Photo: Lady of Whisky Sours

I started a Cowbird page several years back to force myself to write creatively from time to time.

I typically use found photographs to inspire myself to write pieces for this channel.

Several years back I found a picture of this stunning woman who was a patron of my grandfathers (later my father’s) bar.

From that picture I drew these words: http://cowbird.com/story/18663/Lady_Of_The_Whisky_Sours/?uiid=widget-990605142-18663

Music of the World: Rap, Reggae and Ragas

Several years back I was in communication with several musicians who were were pushing the boundaries of global, Christian, worship music -working in the idioms of rap, reggae and ragas.

At the time I was having intertweaving conversations with Saint Louis rapper Born 2 Di; LA music producer Mark Mohr (of Christafari; pictured below); along with Chris Hale and Pete Hicks of the sacred bhajan ensemble Aradhna.

Image result for christafari

I siphoned the key points from these conversations into an article that was published in CRITIQUE Magazine (a publication of Ransom Fellowship): http://ransomfellowship.org/articledetail.asp?AID=431&B=Matthew%20Hundley&TID=4