Music Bio

Matthew Hundley has been keen on music ever since he could bang a tin drum. Early on he would record himself singing nursery rhymes while strumming his dad’s guitar. His first rock band, “Fire” formed in 1975 (he was 6 at the time). In 1977, that band (the core members of which were Hundley and his uncle Joel) went through a series of name changes (Ace of Spades, Black Colt, etc) ultimately landing on Zaconee. In 1982, with the addition of Scott Zimmer (sax) and Craig Macmillan (casio) they performed as Sox. Hundley later (1984) joined Zimmer and Macmillan in their group Freelance—featuring Scott Chidester (drums) and Steve Scholz (electric piano). From this pool there were several side variations like: Funky People [Hundley, Zimmer, Macmillan + Kurt Lacoste (trumpet), Matt Lloyd (drums), another kid on bass]; Young Jazz Quartet [Hundley, Zimmer, Macmillan, Chidester]; Reggae Disciples [Hundley,  Zimmer, Macmillan, Chidester]; and later HKS [Hundley, Chidester and Jason Kerns (bass)]. In 1986, he joined forces with Jason Kerns (bass) and Nick Durnin (drums) to form Static Farm. The group played many parties and a few venues. The final band of his high school years was names appropriately The Dead Souls with Hundley, Grey Wedeking (guitar), Jason Kerns (Bass), and Brian (drums). Hundley moved to Boston in 1987 to study jazz guitar and recording production at Berklee College of Music. While in Boston he was involved in several studio projects. In 1988, Hundley transferred to the University of Colorado in Boulder. In Boulder Hundley made bass his main instrument. While auditioning for bands he connected with drummer Bill Heideman. They sought to get their project, Eve Tempted, off the ground. Ultimately they ended up in The Dead Orbisons; and out of that project brought Jeff Cronin on as guitarist and became Human Document. They had a female lead singer for a short time, but ultimately began recording and playing out as a three piece. When Human Document folded, Hundley picked up his guitar once again and joined bassist Ken Labarre and singer/songwriter John Kieltyka in a project known as the Chance Gardeners. Labarre and Hundley would both land in Madison, WI post college. The two donned acoustics and hit coffeehouses each week playing originals and covers. When Hundley moved to Dayton he hooked up with Noel Luhn and began playing indie-Christian music as In His Name. Hundley also launched his reggae project Spear Ritual about this time. After moving back to Iowa he began playing out under his own name and with the group The Emily Sea. More recently he has released an EP and LP under his own name now available on Spotify, iTunes and other music sites.