TV/Video Bio

Matthew Hundley’s earliest video production effort was while in high school. The school had a portable VHS recorder and camera on which he shot and in-camera edited an interview with a local priest on the subject of exorcisms. A few years later he borrowed his grandparent’s VHS camera to make a film on a a rural Wisconsin community; and tape his friends bands. These experiences drove Hundley to step into the Broadcast Production & Management degree at the University of Colorado Boulder. While at the school he worked on several film and video projects directing the school’s: Campus News; Conference on World Affairs; Women’s Basketball Broadcsts; and Men’s Basketball Coaches Show. Hundley bought his own gear and began working with local bands like The Fluid, Again, and Baldo Rex to capture their live performances. He also created music videos for The Jones, HKS and The Warlock Pinchers. Out of college he worked at TV stations: KGAN, WDTN, KWWL; and handled video producing duties at agencies: ME&V, JAM Multimedia. He served as an editor/shooter for the “Hour Family” TV program (1994); and a producer/director on a half-hour special about strokes called “Brain Attack” (1999).